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New Albany Auto Accident Injuries

An auto accident is a traumatic event even if you emerge unscathed, but if you suffer an injury as a result, the nightmare may continue in the form of pain, nerve impingement, muscle damage and a variety of other confusing issues. Or you might walk away from the accident feeling no ill effects, only to suddenly experience serious problems much later. When you're struggling with an auto accident injury, you need professional evaluation, and possible treatment, as soon as possible. Our chiropractors at 1st Choice Health and Wellness offer natural therapies to relieve your suffering and help you heal.

Consequences of an Auto Accident Injury

new albany auto accident injuriesThe type of symptoms you experience following an auto accident can vary widely depending on what part of the body was injured and in many cases, you may experience those symptoms in a different area than the actual injury site. This is especially true when nerves or nerve roots are pinched or damaged. For example, if the force of the auto accident causes your lower lumbar vertebrae to shift out of alignment, the discs between them may bulge or herniate onto adjacent nerve roots that connect to the sciatic nerve. This pressure impairs the nerves' ability to send normal signals to the leg and foot while also causing pain signals to be released. The resulting combination of pain, tingling, loss of sensation and muscle weakness is known as sciatica.

Perhaps the most notorious form of auto accident injury is whiplash. No matter how securely you're harnessed into your seat, an impact may throw your head forward so sharply that it rebounds backward with equal force. This whip-like motion of the neck and skull can disrupt the alignment of cervical vertebrae; again causing disc slippage and herniation that pinches sensitive nerves. In this case, however, pain, tingling and other nerve symptoms may extend to the arms and hands. Torn neck muscles cause significant pain and stiffness, and you may also suffer from headaches, blurred vision and other problems.

Shoulder injuries are also common in an auto accident. If a nerve bundle known as the brachial plexus becomes damaged, you can suffer neck pain that radiates down one arm. 

Your First Choice for Auto Accident Injury Treatment in New Albany

Our skilled team at 1st Choice Health and Wellness helps auto accident injury victims in New Albany regain function and feel better without drugs or surgery. Chiropractic adjustment and spinal decompression can do wonders to realign your spine and take pressure off of nerve roots, alleviating your discomfort and permitting your body to function as it should. Cold laser therapy eases pain and inflammation while accelerating soft tissue healing, while our customized physical therapy programs can give you back your flexibility and muscle strength. Most importantly, we can evaluate your spine immediate following an accident to determine exactly what it may need. Don't put this important procedure off contact us today!

For more information about our chiropractic services at 1st Choice Health and Wellness, call us today at 812-945-4500!

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