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Good Nutrition in a Fast Food World

Your life is getting busier and taking the time to make elaborate meals may seem like part of the nostalgic past. What could be quicker and easier than pulling into a random drive through or ordering a pizza on the phone? No one says you have to cut out fast food entirely in order to live a healthy lifestyle, but these places should be considered treats to be eaten occasionally, not part of your weekly diet.

At 1st Choice Health & Wellness we believe in a holistic approach to health. This means that every part of your body is attached to everything else, and what you do in one area can have unplanned consequences to other areas, both good and bad. Eating a healthy diet and taking care that you always plan nutritious meals is one of the most important parts of laying the framework for living a healthy, pain-free lifestyle. This is why we offer nutrition counseling in our office. We feel that living a healthy life is much better than having to have doctors diagnose and treat preventable conditions later in life.

Why Specific Nutrition Counseling?

The average patient we see in our office is not as healthy, and not as well-informed, as those who would seek treatment a generation ago. In most cases, it's not the patient's fault. Between increasingly busy lives, the increase in fast food and portion sizes and the emphasis on instant gratification in our society, most people live in an environment where eating quick, unhealthy meals is the norm. Creating healthy foods and eating to fuel the body instead of as entertainment is a skill most people have to be taught today.

Doctors of chiropractic are trained to see the entire body as a whole. We understand that a healthy diet including fruits and vegetables, healthy whole grains and lean protein is the basis for building a healthy body that resists disease and chronic pain.  Our chiropractic team knows that most people are missing important trace elements in their diet that can make all the difference between great health and chronic problems. The type of problems that can arise from missing out on these trace elements can surprise you. For instance:

  • Acne can be caused by a lack of zinc, vitamin A, or omega-3s

  • Cold sores can be brought on by a selenium deficiency

  • A body lacking in vitamin C can constantly crave sweets, which is one of the leading causes of obesity in this country

Some simple additions to your diet can prevent larger problems in the future. Did you know that drinking coffee daily can reduce your risk of prostate cancer? Or that the antioxidants in garlic can boost your general immunity? When it comes to your nutritional health, you may not be aware of what your body needs. Make an appointment with one of our chiropractic doctors and our nutritional counseling sessions can put you on the road to better health.

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