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Non-Surgical Body Contouring at 1st Choice Health & Wellness In New Albany, IN

Nobody's perfect, but sometimes even small cosmetic physical flaws can create big frustration. Maybe you've done everything you could think of to create a better-looking body for yourself, from regular exercise and careful diet to a medically-supervised weight loss program, and yet you still have areas of fat accumulation that elude your best efforts and make you feel self-conscious. Once upon a time, your only other solution would have been painful, invasive liposuction surgery. Today, however, you can benefit from non-surgical body contouring -- and we can provide it right here at 1st Choice Health & Wellness in New Albany.

Understanding Non-Surgical Body Contouring

Fat pockets may remain on the body even after you've revved up your metabolism and reduced your food intake. One of the most notorious examples is the formation of cellulite, which occurs when fat cells grow large enough to strain against collagen fibers, creating puckered, lumpy skin. Cellulite resists the efforts of diet and exercise, causing many people to consider simply removing it. For many years, the only method for removing excess fat was a body contouring process known as liposuction -- but even liposuction has trouble dealing with cellulite, and it also comes with all the risks and post-operative issues typical of any surgical procedure. 

Several non-surgical body contouring methods have become available in recent years. These include:

  • Ultrasound - Ultrasound body contouring uses high-frequency sound waves to cause intense vibration in the fat cells until they melt away.

  • Cryolipolysis - Cryolipolysis techniques such as Coolsculpting involve freezing excess fat cells that are pulled into the device by vacuum pressure. These killed cells are then metabolized by the liver.

  • Radiofrequency - The radiofrequency method could be thought of as the opposite of cryolipolysis. Energy delivered directly to the fat cells destroys them by heating them up.

  • Laser therapy - Laser techniques such as Zerona targets tissues with a beam of low-level or "cold" laser energy to break up the fat cells so they can be eliminated through natural body processes.

Contact 1st Choice Health & Wellness For Safe, Effective Non-Surgical Body Contouring

Of the methods listed above, we endorse Zerona laser therapy as our body contouring method of choice for our patients. For one thing, it's completely safe -- unlike Coolsculpting, which can actually cause "freezer burn" and scarring if mishandled. It's also completely comfortable, unlike processes that heat the fat cells. Zerona involves no anesthetic or downtime either, unlike ultrasound body sculpting, which requires a local anesthetic and 2 to 3 days of recovery.

Zerona is the first and only FDA approved laser, and clinically proven to contour the waist, hips, thighs and arms in as little as 6 treatments. Patients can lose between 4-12 inches of total fat between their waste, hips, thighs and arms. If you're already committed to a healthy lifestyle and you just need a little help shaping the new you, our Zerona service can help. Call 812-945-4500 for an appointment!

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