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Degenerative Disc Disease

Back pain, neck pain and other symptoms caused by degenerative disc disease can put a serious dent in your enjoyment of daily activities or even your ability to earn a living. This condition is generally related to natural (but uncomfortable) changes that occur within the intervertebral discs in your spine as they age. Degenerative disc disease not only causes pain directly from disc damage, but can also lead to painful impingement of nerve tissue. But there's no need to panic -- not when you have 1st Choice Health & Wellness on your side. Our New Albany chiropractic team uses safe, non-surgical methods to help you manage the condition.Elderly Couple with Degenerative Disc Disease in New Albany, IN

The discs that cushion your vertebrae from life's daily bumps and jolts are built to flex while still providing the right amount of "height" between the vertebrae. These discs consists of two primary components -- a tough, cartilaginous outer layer called the "annulus fibrosus," and a gelatinous inner material called the "nucleus pulposus."

Most of the disc is actually water, which is what gives it its shock-absorbing properties. With age, however, a disc can dehydrate to the point where it begins to flatten out and lose its resilience. The disc may then bulge out of the spinal column. In some cases, the annulus fibrosus may tear, allowing the nucleus pulposus to escape.

Degenerative disc disease can cause pain in several ways. Since the nucleus pulposus is loaded with inflammatory substances, a herniated disc can cause painful inflammation in any nearby tissues it happens to touch. Additionally, a bulging or herniated disc may push against major nerve roots, causing pain not only in the back or neck, but also in the extremities. The pain may get worse while sitting.

Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment at 1st Choice Health & Wellness

The good news is that many cases of degenerative disc disease respond well to conservative treatment, meaning that you may be able to avoid surgery completely. Our chiropractors at 1st Choice Health & Wellness can relieve your symptoms with a non-invasive technique called spinal decompression therapy.

Unlike surgical spinal decompression requiring incisions, permanent spinal alterations and lengthy recovery times, spinal decompression therapy is as safe and simple as lying on your special computerized table. Our chiropractors in New Albany, IN apply small, but significant amounts of distraction force to the spinal column. This force doesn't hurt -- in fact, it's highly relaxing. It merely creates vacuum pressure in the spaces between vertebrae. If you're suffering from a bulging or herniated disc, the vacuum pressure pulls the disc back into position while also infusing it with much-needed water and nutrients. Spinal decompression therapy even helps correct weakened, stretched ligaments affected by disc dislocation.

If you'd like to obtain natural, drug-free relief from the pain of degenerative disc disease in Louisville, KY or New Albany, IN, call 812-945-4500 to schedule a consultation. 1st Choice Health & Wellness can help you get those symptoms under control and get back to enjoying life! 

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