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Strains and Sprains 

Sprains and strains may not life be life-threatening injuries, but they can prove significantly debilitating during the weeks of pain, inflammation, stiffness and swelling that follow. The longer you put off receiving the proper treatment, the more agony you have to endure, along with the possibility that the injury might heal incorrectly. 

If an underlying balance or spinal alignment problem is a contributing factor, you may experience the same injury over and over again. Fortunately, our chiropractic and physical therapy team at 1st Choice Health & Wellness in New Albany, IN  can help you rehabilitate your sprain or strain while taking steps to keep it from recurring.Woman getting sprained ankle checked out by a chiropractor

Sprains and strains are two different types of injuries. Strains are overuse injuries that afflict either the muscles or the tendons that attach those muscles to their respective bones. Repetitive stress to these tissues can cause tiny tears in their fibers, producing pain and inflammation. Athletes who perform the same physically challenging motion thousands of times are subject to repetitive strain injuries; examples include tennis elbow, golf elbow and plantar fasciitis. But strains are equally common among workers who subject their hands, feet, backs, necks etc. to excessive stress on a continuous basis.

Sprains are an injury that afflicts a ligament, Ligaments are tough tissues that reinforce joints and govern their motion, so an injury to a joint frequently includes stretching or twisting of the ligament, causing a sprain. Sprained ankles are especially common, often occurring due to the shifting of one's entire body over a planted foot. Sprains may cause so much pain, stiffness and swelling that you cannot use the joint at all. 

Get the Care You Need from Our New Albany Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Team

1st Choice Health & Wellness can help you recover from your sprain or strain injury. You should begin by administering rest, ice, compression and elevation -- a first-aid protocol known as "RICE" treatment. Our practitioners will examine the injury thoroughly to determine exactly which tissues have been injured. We may then prescribe treatments such as:

  • Physical therapy - Physical therapy can help you gradually regain the use of the injured body part, rebuilding strength in the disabled tissue and minimizing the chance of abnormal internal scarring (adhesions).

  • Cold laser therapy - Our "cold" laser passes harmlessly through the skin to treat injured muscles and connective tissues beneath. The laser energy accelerates cellular healing and stimulates circulation to relieve pain and inflammation.

  • Acupuncture - Acupuncture prompts the endocrine system to procude pain-relieving substances known as endorphins. This ancient technique can thus relieve acute pain naturally.

  • Chiropractic adjustment - If a misalignment is keeping your body off balance, making it more prone to sprains and strains, chiropractic adjustments can literally straighten you out and help you ward off future injuries.

Call 812-945-4500 to schedule sprain or strain treatment at 1st Choice Health & Wellness. We're here to help you heal!

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